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Dear Doctoral Scholars:

Just a brief reminder regarding the April class meeting of the Performing Arts Research Collegium -

During the last Collegium meeting (3/5), it was pointed out that the scheduled meeting (4/2) for April 2010 will fall on Good Friday.

Since members of the Collegium often have performance commitments on that day, we decided to re-schedule the April 2010 Collegium to Friday, April 9th.

See you then…


Dr. Thomas MacFarlane
Assistant to Dr. Robert Rowe,
Director of Doctoral Studies
Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions
The Steinhardt School
New York University
35 West Fourth Street, Suite 777
New York, NY 10012

This forum was created to allow for the further discussion of ideas raised at class meetings of The Performing Arts Research Collegium…

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